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Poetry Night at the Library

The poets (from left): Ray Holmes, me, Dawn Dupler, Jason Vassar, and Julia Gordon-Bramer.

The poets (from left): Ray Holmes, me, Dawn Dupler, Jason Vassar, and Julia Gordon-Bramer.

No better way to spend a rainy Tuesday night than with good poetry and good poets. Lucky us — we had just that back in early April thanks to the St. Charles Public Library. So good to read alongside former UMSL classmates Ray Holmes, Julia Gordon-Bramer, and Jason Vassar! And meeting the lovely Dawn Dupler was a moment of serendipity. I thought I recognized her name when I saw the night’s line-up, and I knew I did once I heard her read her poem “Mainlining Iraq” — a piece that I happily voted in to Issue 26 of Natural Bridge as an assistant editor. I remembered “Mainlining Iraq.”  I remembered our discussion about it around the editorial table, too — how pleased we were to read a poem about war that seemed new despite how tragically familiar war in the Middle East seems now, and how familiar every war seems in light of every other war before. Definitely cool to hear the poem in the writer’s own voice, and to meet the human behind the words.

Many thanks to the St. Charles Public Library for hosting, and to Michael Peeples for inviting me to read!


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Two-fer Poetry Weekend

Not this one.

Not whatever this is either (which is in the top 5 Google image search results for “double poetry,” and is also now my desktop background, because WOAH MULLET.)

Rather, we’re talking back-to-back poetry entertainment this weekend in St. Louis:

This Friday, October 11, Whole Foods Town & Country hosts 2nd Friday Notes — a monthly poetry series curated by Dwight Bitokofer featuring two poets and some stellar musical entertainment. This time around, you’ll hear work from myself and Josh Anderson and music from Jan Marra. Josh is great; his work deals with family and relationships in a way that’s both intimate and reflective, and his language has this wonderful subtle music to it. Hearing him read is meditative. The fun begins at 7:00pm.

Then on Saturday, October 12, Words on Purpose rocks Black Bear Bakery with an all-female line-up. I am SO PUMPED to share a stage with Jennifer Tappenden and Kelli Allen — both rock stars in the poetry community. (Jen recently won the RiverFront Times’ Mastermind Award, and Kelli’s work in both poetry and fiction is all over the publishing world.) The reading is free, but if you’re so inclined, you can make a suggested donation of $5 to support St. Louis Bookworks, an organization which gives kids “a safe, supportive place to nurture their creativity and build a sense of commitment and responsibility” by matching them with volunteers who help them write and create a book of their own. Get there at 4:00pm — or a little early so you can snag some baked goodies first!

Words on Purpose 10-12-13 full

And you know, I can’t say for sure that 30 Rock cast members/mulletted Yoko Ono/”reflections” won’t be present at either of these events.

Happy Oc-TWO-ber! (See what I did there?)

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POP! POP! BANG! Or: Firecracker noises as an apt expression of my excitement

What are you doing this weekend? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

You’re going to get your art on, because Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis is having its City-Wide Open Studios shindig Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 4pm. If you stop by CAM or hit up their website, you can get a map of the studios which artists have oh-so-kindly opened to the public all over the city, and then you can make the rounds for a self-guided tour of cool spaces where creative people make art happen. There are some guided tours you can join, or you can just bop around for free.

One of the establishments that should definitely be on your route is Firecracker Press, a graphic design studio/letterpress print shop that does really distinctive design work that, if you’re in St. Louis, you see all the time — whether you know it’s Firecracker or not.

Here’s the meat-tastic print I have hanging over my kitchen table. Seriously, who’s going to turn down bacon?

If you come to Firecracker at 2pm on Saturday, you’ll not only get to see the inner-workings of a letterpress studio with all its yummy ink smells and printing contraptions, but you’ll get to hear some poetry read by myself and Amy Genova (here’s her poem “The Poet’s Call to Worship” in The Tipton Poetry Journal). And! There’s an “and!” While we’re reading, the folks at Firecracker will be printing letterpress cards with poem excerpts on them for all the attendees to take home. So it’s like, you get to hear poems, watch talented artists and antique machinery at work, and then leave with two beautifully-crafted artifacts as mementos.

And, tangentially related to bacon, there’s a City-Wide Open Studios BBQ at CAM on Sunday at 4:00 with food from Pappy’s, beer from Schlafly, and ice cream from Serendipity. That’s pretty much everything delicious in St. Louis, so come by and celebrate.

So yeah — there’s your weekend! Art, poetry, BBQ. DONE AND DONE.


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Hungry Young Poets

So I’m still coming down from the awesomeness of getting to participate in River Styx‘s Hungry Young Poets reading series earlier this month. I love that River Styx is dedicated to providing a forum for up-and-coming/lesser-established voices, I love that I got to read alongside some great writers (guys, Ray Holmes’s work is gonna blow up like a zeppelin any day now — keep an eye on that one), and I love that the podium at Duff’s restaurant was set up in front of a huge window looking out on the new CrossFit gym in the  Central West End. As a result, the spontaneous reading pre-show was a bunch of muscly dudes hulking out on some workout equipment, which really set the tone for a night of poetry. You’ll definitely see me among the likewise-rapt audience members at the next reading on July 16.

@ Hungry Young Poets, June 2012

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