Pillow Verse

Having creative friends is the best thing ever. Obvious perks are above-average games of Balderdash and excellent wardrobe advice, but witness the awesomeness of my graduation present from the immensely-talented Emily Comfort:

Yep — those are pillows with lines from my poems on them! Comfort did all the graphic design, and then actually made the pillows herself. Yeah, I know, right? Here’s some more eye candy:

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I love the art nouveau flowers, the colors, the typeface, and the fact that I have these two beautiful works of art on my living room loveseat. I’m keeping my coffee mugs and drool-prone nap-face far away from these…

And you’ll notice that she has kindly turned her design into a blog banner for me. I should probably go ahead and sign over one of my kidneys to her.

Comfort sells some of her stuff and does custom work from time to time, so mosey on over to her site and/or shop if you’re interested.


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Hungry Young Poets

So I’m still coming down from the awesomeness of getting to participate in River Styx‘s Hungry Young Poets reading series earlier this month. I love that River Styx is dedicated to providing a forum for up-and-coming/lesser-established voices, I love that I got to read alongside some great writers (guys, Ray Holmes’s work is gonna blow up like a zeppelin any day now — keep an eye on that one), and I love that the podium at Duff’s restaurant was set up in front of a huge window looking out on the new CrossFit gym in the  Central West End. As a result, the spontaneous reading pre-show was a bunch of muscly dudes hulking out on some workout equipment, which really set the tone for a night of poetry. You’ll definitely see me among the likewise-rapt audience members at the next reading on July 16.

@ Hungry Young Poets, June 2012

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