POP! POP! BANG! Or: Firecracker noises as an apt expression of my excitement

What are you doing this weekend? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

You’re going to get your art on, because Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis is having its City-Wide Open Studios shindig Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 4pm. If you stop by CAM or hit up their website, you can get a map of the studios which artists have oh-so-kindly opened to the public all over the city, and then you can make the rounds for a self-guided tour of cool spaces where creative people make art happen. There are some guided tours you can join, or you can just bop around for free.

One of the establishments that should definitely be on your route is Firecracker Press, a graphic design studio/letterpress print shop that does really distinctive design work that, if you’re in St. Louis, you see all the time — whether you know it’s Firecracker or not.

Here’s the meat-tastic print I have hanging over my kitchen table. Seriously, who’s going to turn down bacon?

If you come to Firecracker at 2pm on Saturday, you’ll not only get to see the inner-workings of a letterpress studio with all its yummy ink smells and printing contraptions, but you’ll get to hear some poetry read by myself and Amy Genova (here’s her poem “The Poet’s Call to Worship” in The Tipton Poetry Journal). And! There’s an “and!” While we’re reading, the folks at Firecracker will be printing letterpress cards with poem excerpts on them for all the attendees to take home. So it’s like, you get to hear poems, watch talented artists and antique machinery at work, and then leave with two beautifully-crafted artifacts as mementos.

And, tangentially related to bacon, there’s a City-Wide Open Studios BBQ at CAM on Sunday at 4:00 with food from Pappy’s, beer from Schlafly, and ice cream from Serendipity. That’s pretty much everything delicious in St. Louis, so come by and celebrate.

So yeah — there’s your weekend! Art, poetry, BBQ. DONE AND DONE.



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2 responses to “POP! POP! BANG! Or: Firecracker noises as an apt expression of my excitement

  1. primmlife

    How did the reading go? Was it full-on awesome?


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